L’Ortone and Mastrojanni: a Love Story

The Ortone is more than just a trattoria; it’s like a big, warm family where we all grow and work side by side. Every now and then, we take some time off together – days where we get even closer and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Back in early December 2023, we took a little trip to see our buddies at Mastrojanni, a renowned winery famous in the wine world, nestled in the stunning Brunello di Montalcino region.

Piling into a minibus just like old school field trips, we set off from Florence, all excited and greeted by a surprisingly delightful sun. When we got to the gorgeous Mastrojanni estate, the view was just breathtaking – rolling hills all around and the freshest air you could imagine.

But the highlight was definitely the tour. First up, we learned about Mastrojanni’s history – chilling on a terrace with killer views, soaking up tales of how the winery came to be, its growth, overcoming COVID challenges, and what’s on the horizon.

Then we dove deeper, heading to the tasting room. As we tried various wines, we learned all about how Mastrojanni’s wine is crafted, getting into the nitty-gritty with so much passion it hardly felt like work – more like a calling.

The cherry on top? Dining at the winery’s restaurant. We wrapped up our visit with a spectacular Mastrojanni tasting session, where each course was perfectly paired with their incredible wines.

By the day’s end, we were a bit worn out but oh-so-happy, basking in the joy of great company and the unique charm of Mastrojanni.